(Jewel's story below provided by her pawrent Christine)Meet Jewel!  Jewel is the daughter of one of our other Portuguese Water Dogs (PWD), Kirby (see picture of Jewel w/ her dad).  Kirby finished the 2017 American Kennel Club show circuit #12 in the country for his breed.&...

Posted September 17th at 1:31pm

Joe the Blind Dog

Joe the Blind Dog with A Big HeartJoe may not have eyes, but he has an incredible personality and lots of love in his life. Plus nothing gets past his super snout!  Joe is also hard of hearing, or so it's suspected. He may just be really smart and ignore sounds when he's resting o...

Posted June 8th at 3:51pm

Our Story Part One

It's hard to know where to start "Our Story."  Do you want to know about the day we brought Twizzler home 9 years ago? Do you want to know about the time he escaped from our yard and sent us into a panicked, hour long, 10 person search through our neighborhood? Do you want to...

Posted May 22nd at 4:49pm