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Able Pup Snuffle Mat - One time purchase

Price: $30.00

A specialized Able Pup Snuffle Mat helps keep your pup's brain active and nose strong. It can also help to slow down meal time. 

Snuffle Mats will be included in a customer's 3rd monthly Able Pup subscription box. 

To Use: Sprinkle a handful or cupful of your Able Pup...

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Blind Devotion by Cathy Symons

Price: $0.00

Blind Devotion is full of amazing insights, tips, tricks and encouragement for living and loving your blind dog. We at Able Pup highly recommend you give it a read!

You can find the links to purchase the books along with more about Cathy Symons on Blind Devotion website. (Link Below)


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